I have traveled abroad only once.

I have traveled abroad only once. It is around the West Coast of the USA, Ross, Santa Monica, Las Vegas. I only go there once, but I definitely want to go there once. Anyway, Las Vegas was amazing. No matter where I looked I felt that the kinkin glitter and big money moved overnight. The hotel was big and it was in a state of ""giving up if you get lost."" And after all the casino's appeal was amazing. Because it is a sightseeing spot, there are a lot of people from various countries, I have never seen a foreigner so much, that alone was unusual for me. When I was playing with slot machines, there was a native American grandma next door. I do not know what the grandma was, but I heard it as a live ""Omiger!"" In movies, I heard something I was surprised to hear next to but I felt like I was happy. Although I have many different people, I'd like to go to an adult casino that I can enjoy alone even by Japanese people who only look like an elementary school student like me. I want to eat Chilean beans' hot dogs once we ate at break.