I want to go abroad, I guess.

I want to go abroad, I guess. I have traveled abroad for several countries until now, but everywhere is memorable and I just want to go again. In Italy the food is delicious and the streets are lovely. I think that Korea is a foreign country somewhere in the neighboring country, Guam enjoy shopping and the ocean, and I think that it was fun everywhere. But, I would like to go back to overseas where I want to try it again. I wonder if it is Bali. Bali is famous for its Indonesian resort. I enjoyed the interior of an Asian chic hotel and the seaside resort. If you are doing marine sports or parasailing at the beach, the local women will come to the nail. I take hands arbitrarily and nail it, but as soon as I finish I got money. It is not so expensive, but it is surprising to leave it nailed without even saying anything. In the evening, dinner while watching Kecak dance. Hibiscus here and there, the tropical flowers are blooming, I feel like a foreign country resort. I really want to go again.

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